Chainsaw evaluation for quality and reliability

When choosing the best gas chainsaw for homeowners, a certain difficulty lies in the often identical characteristics of the devices of different manufacturers, despite the considerable difference in price. To understand where the cost of the device corresponds to its quality, it will be useful for our evaluation of chainsaws for quality and reliability, which we have compiled based on feedback that customers leave on forums and various resources on the Internet.

The main criteria for entering the rating are the good technical characteristics and the preferential presence of positive opinions on the operation of the device. Based on these data, the following are the best domestic, semi-professional and various price categories.

The best domestic chainsaws

The service life of such devices requires that they are rarely used, at most one hour a day. They are not designed to cut thick tree trunks, respectively, have a low power (up to 2 kW), motor size (about 40 cm³) and weight. There are other external differences: the saw for domestic use is equipped with a 30-40 cm long tyre and safety chains are visible on the chain which, while limiting the working speed, reduce the return of the instrument, minimising the possible risks of using the instrument.

This is the best chainsaw, if the main task of the instrument is “to be in support” for cases where for economic reasons it is necessary to cut small quantities of firewood from time to time, or cut trees.

The best semi-professional chainsaws

These chainsaws have been rated best for their versatility: they are powerful enough to be used when cutting down small and medium trees, light enough to carry too much discomfort. If you periodically rest such a saw, then without fear it can be used for 4-5 hours a day.

These devices can already be used by economic services or by those who earn extra money themselves by providing services for cutting trees or cutting firewood. On these tools, an engine with a power of 2-3 kW is installed, with a working volume of 40-60 cm³ and a 50-60 cm long tyre.

The best professional chainsaws

If the tool requires uninterrupted work for a long time, these are the best chainsaws whose evaluation is based on the quality of the components and assembly, which increases their service life by an order of magnitude, in comparison with family and semi-professional models. Manufacturers ensure that their products can operate throughout the year 10-16 hours a day with a “lunch” break. It is true, there is a need for professional care, but this is a feature of any instrument in this class.

To achieve these characteristics, the saw is made from the most reliable materials, which is proportional to the final cost of the device. It is also necessary to take into account the power thanks to which this saw has an impressive weight. If there is a desire and an opportunity to spend money, but to acquire a professional device for domestic purposes, one must take into account that the potential of the tool may remain unclaimed, and in addition, it will simply be uncomfortable for them to work.

Depending on the purpose, the power of the professional models is 2-9 kW, with a motor size of up to 90 cm³.Some of these are produced with slight modifications, but at a cost such a device will cost a lot of money.

When comparing revisions for any product, one should take into account that people tend to take the time to share a negative opinion – if something works without comment, it is assumed that this is necessary.

The selection of goods is based on reviews, opinions and evaluations of users published on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers or brands and do not require the purchase of certain products. The article is informative.

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