Apartment renovation tips

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Apartment renovation tips:

  1. I would never combine a toilet and a bathroom if there is no “backup”. Personally, I have such a rush in the morning! And in general it is not aesthetically pleasing, one is splashing in the bathroom, the other is impatient to the toilet …
  2. Linoleum is awful, and whitewashing the ceilings is double stupidity.
  3. I will not trust my wife to repair it. Let her do it under the guidance of a designer. And then most of the apartments of my friends are no different from each other – they copy each other where necessary and not necessary))) What can I say to this? It is terrible to realize that the owners of the apartment are devoid of individuality.
  4. I wanted painted walls. But in everyday life they turned out to be impractical for me. Especially in the area of ​​switches – fingerprints.
  5. In the kitchen, it is still better to provide a box under the corrugation for the hood.
  6. I will never block up the space under the bathroom!
  7. I will never share a kitchen chopping area with a hob!
  8. I will never use carpet!
  9. I will never use gray-blue, blue and malachite shades for the bathroom!
  10. I will never let the upper kitchen cabinets hang above the eye line!
  11. I wouldn’t put laminate or parquet boards in the kitchen for anything. The first leak and kerdyk … And in general I am skeptical about the laminate. No, beautiful – no doubt about it. It’s even warmer and pleasant to walk. But from a purely practical point of view, any dropped object forms a scratch or chip. And in the end, the laminate turns into a complete ugliness.
  12. White or very light tiles in the bathroom, it feels like you are in a hospital.
  13. In vain I put kitchen furniture along the entire wall in a rectangular kitchen, it is much more convenient, as with neighbors, to place it at a corner.
  14. I will not save on plumbing and tiles – then it will look miserable for several years, and you will not begin to redo it.
  15. In vain they made a small dressing room so that more space remained in the room. These half a meter – a meter of a room will not save, and when the dressing room is jammed, you will not build another.
  16. Based on the stuffed cones, I would never do the electrical wiring around the apartment without making a preliminary plan for the arrangement of furniture – and the final plan, which will not change !!!
  17. Dark floors and dark tiles (especially on the bathroom floor). It is not that any dirt is visible – every speck of dust and drop, especially from a washing machine. You have to clean up several times a day.
  18. Many open shelves with a bunch of souvenirs. This is an unreal dust collector!
  19. Do not install sockets “on the floor”. It is very inconvenient, constantly open, dust accumulates and it is impossible to properly clean the floor.
  20. It is better to put the machines on each monster that gnaws at electricity, so that later you do not suffer from the lack of light due to the inclusion of a kettle-washer-microwave oven.
  21. Do not forget to install the sockets right in the bathroom for the hair dryer, electric nail kit and shaver. You can do one, but then choose a mirror, which also has built-in sockets in the manner of an extension cord.
  22. Provide rheostats (dimmers) in the child’s bedroom so that the light does not turn on suddenly, but slowly.
  23. Make a warm floor. In principle, at first you can not even turn it on, but it is better to do it right away. It would be nice if he was in the hallway too.
  24. Do not buy chandeliers with flat horizontal open shades – there are so many midges accumulating, cleaning – you will be tortured.
  25. It is better to choose halogen bulbs with an angle of inclination, rather than rigidly fixed ones.
  26. If the wiring is old, replace it completely. By the way, it would be nice to write down (or take a photo with measurements) its location, otherwise you will be sniped into the wiring.
  27. Provide an entrance to the apartment for all possible cables (wide cable channel).
  28. All switches are “euro” (at a height of 80-90 cm) – so that children can turn on the light without jumping.
  29. Light and a socket on the balcony – just in case. It can be useful.
  30. Lighting in the kitchen directly above the work surface (built-in lamps in the kitchen visor are beautiful, but not functional).
  31. Use two light switches / switches – at the entrance to the bedroom and by the bed in the bedroom, so as not to get out of bed, wanting to turn it off.
  32. I still regret that they put rough tiles on the floor in the hallway and kitchen. there are holes along the surface. Impossible to wash! The rag tears, and how hard it is to wash out the dirt!
  33. Underfloor heating is mandatory with a timer, or if you turn it on in the morning, it warms up in 2 hours.
  34. Immediately decide where the kitchen furniture and refrigerator will stand, DO NOT PUT a warm floor under them! I have a depth of 60 cm for the floor cabinets, and the floor does not heat 1 meter from the wall (well, they screwed up, they told the repairmen – step back a meter from the wall, there will be furniture anyway), it’s so offensive, you stand, cook, and your legs don’t get warm. And it warms up under the refrigerator. And in the hallway it is better not to warm the entire hallway so that the shoes dry out.

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