How to remove ants from home and garden with natural remedies

Often when we talk about remedies for ants or other pests we have heard everything and more in an incredible range of solutions. How to remove ants from home?

If we want to get rid of ants, we must not resort to pesticides that in addition to killing them pollute the environment, we can use natural methods and these small insects will no longer be a problem.

Remove ants with talcum powder

The talcum powder can be a possible solution to remove them at home, just sprinkle the route they usually do and you will see that soon the ants will not be seen again.

Remedies for ants : Vinegar

Using vinegar with a few drops of mint or eucalyptus essential oil, we can create a solution that will spray our insects away at strategic points in the house.

Remove the ants with tomato leaves and other repellent plants

Take a handful of tomato leaves and boil them in a liter of water. Leave to infuse for half an hour and then strain. This solution, once cooled, is useful to eliminate ants from our garden, the strong smell of boiled tomato leaves them away.

Always to remove them from our garden we can plant all around marjoram, tansy or lavender plants that give off a strong odor that bores the ants.

Ants Remedies: Essential Oils

  • Use mint essential oils, camphor, cloves, cinnamon, or even garlic. Ants do not like strong odors and using a few drops of essential oil or even garlic can keep them away.

The Chili Pepper

  • Sprinkle chilli powder in places where our friends are unwanted.

Remove ants with coffee

  • Coffee powder can be very useful for our garden and for our garden. When we prepare our coffee, the coffee grounds should be placed in a separate dish where losing some of their moisture can be used as a powder. This should be placed along all the edges of our garden or vegetable garden and around the plants. In addition to fertilizing, it will keep the ants away which could also damage our plants.

Natural remedies to keep ants away

  • Use a decoction of absinthe using the leaves and summer inflorescences, a teaspoon of dry plant for one liter of water. This cold product can be used in the evening on plants to remove ants, but it is also useful for other insects and plant rust.
  • Citrus fruits, or even moldy lemons are an excellent deterrent against ants.
  • Nasturtium is a beautiful flower, which due to its strong smell tends to keep the ants away, we can plant it in our garden and put some pots near the doors.

We can also make a spray to keep the ants away:

It is very simple, a mixture of citrus peel and vinegar. In this formula, d-limonene in citrus fruits mixed with vinegar works by interrupting the path of pheromones that ants use to navigate along their small paths. Just spray it along the paths or at the entry points.

Spray recipe with citrus fruits

Add the zest of citrus fruits, even mixed as we return more comfortable depending on what we have at home, in a pot, then add the white vinegar to cover all the skins.

Cook the mixture until it is hot but do not bring to a boil, then turn off the mixture and leave to cool overnight.

In the morning, filter the liquid and pour it into a bottle with spray.

The remaining skins can be blended and stretched with water if necessary and made into a creamy sauce to wash the sink, the stove, the steel in general that will return bright.

Cinnamon is also an excellent repellent against ants, and has the same property as citrus fruits and vinegar to interrupt the pheromones that ants use to follow each other in rows. Cinnamon could also be used to close the entrance holes where we see the ants coming, it can be used both in powder and in the form of essential oil .

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