Mint leaves: an excellent natural insect repellent

The mint is a cheap and effective deterrent to insects, non-toxic and without contraindications. It is particularly useful for keeping mosquitoes , ants and flies at bay ; mint leaves can be used and prepared in numerous ways to repel pests from your home, garden, terrace or courtyard.

Mint bags

Start by putting the mint leaves in different breathable sachets. Put these around your house, especially in areas where flies are particularly problematic. Lightly wet and break the mint leaves when you put them in the bag to release some of the natural oils and perfume that keep insects away.

Crushed mint leaves

In places where ants become a problem, crush some dried mint leaves and sprinkle them in areas invaded by ants. You can also use mint tea bags if you don’t have fresh mint.

Insect repellent spray: mint-scented water

Create a homemade insect repellent using a ratio of five parts that rub alcohol with a part of peppermint oil. Spray this mixture on your body before going outdoors.

Alternatively, you can cut fresh leaves, peppermint leaves and citrus peels (oranges or lemons) to create a deterrent. Put the pieces in a small pan covered with water and bring to a boil. Allow the mixture to stand overnight and then filter the liquid in the morning. Mix the mint-scented water with a similar part of denatured alcohol and place in a spray bottle to be used as insect repellent.

Mint plants

Plant different varieties of mint in your garden or on the terrace to keep mosquitoes away and in all areas where annoying insects can come in as a natural repellent. When you enjoy your garden or when mosquito problems are particularly bad, crush some leaves on the plant to release the scent and oils.

Tip: cut the mint on the ground and cover with compost at the end of each growing season.

Protect your animals

Use mint on your dogs and cats to keep the biting insects out of them. As usual, crush some mint leaves to release the oils, then rub the substance on your cat or on the dog’s fur before they leave the house, or before going for a walk in the park.

Mint is an effective and safe insect repellent. Use these different applications and see how you can keep insects away without using harsh chemicals. Furthermore, mint is a very pleasant alternative to the smell of chemical insect deterrents.

Tip: growing your plant will save you money. However, keep in mind that mint is an invasive plant and can occupy an area of ​​your garden very quickly. Plant the mint in a pot or in a well-defined container so that it does not invade most of your green areas.

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